Sarah Keast is a visual artist living and working in South West Scotland.  Born in Dundee, she grew up in Fife surrounded by printmaking through her father, Terry Keast, who worked as an artist and art teacher and was a founder member of Dunfermline Printmakers Workshop.  Sarah studied science and undertook a degree in Geology and an Environmental Management Masters before spending time working in Conservation then in Management Training and Facilitation.  She began to experiment with art from 2004 and discovered an latent interest driven by her earlier life in an artistic household.   From 2006 onwards she began re-training as an artist and has been exhibiting since 2010. She has been involved in the Room 13 Art Project intermittently over the last 12 years and uses her training and facilitation skills to deliver arts related workshops for adults and children.

Sarah inherited her father’s cast iron flat bed relief press which is used for wood block, lino, typography and monoprinting.  These printing techniques are combined with contemporary screen printing processes to generate multi layered images.  The relief press is sensitive enough to take a print from strands of silk or scrim allowing the texture and feel of fabric such as sail cloth to be incorporated into the final print. She also combines the printing of fabric textures and sometimes uses collage processes including fabric, bone, metal, ceramic and found objects.  He final works can be prints or assemblages with talismanic or dream like qualities.

Relief Press Video

Screen Print Video