This is the Sea

I have always been drawn to the sea. I grew up on the easy coast of Scotland and then lived in Orkney. I studied coastal geomorphology and geology and then marine resource development and protection as a masters degree. All this science knowledge lurks at the back of my mind, so on the coast a part of my brain is sense making, interpreting the angle of rock strata, the underlying geology, the coastal process, the species and habitats! But mostly I just like being where the land and water interact and interplay. I like the colours, the changing sea and sky, and the way the light reacts with the water. Work is often triggered by visits to coastal places although my home for many years now has been inland. There are some themes and places that recur again and again: boats, particularly old boats, oars, coastal buildings, marine life and beach combings. This portfolio folder is a collection of coastal and sea inspired images which range from around the UK and further afield. They combine print with mixed media and sculptural work. Two pictures (La di da and The Rowing Boat) are a collaboration with the wonderful Scottish Poet Hamish Whyte who wrote some works which I then used in art works. The work was exhibited in “the written image” in 2013, a collaboration between Edinburgh Printmakers and The Scottish Poetry Library. La di da refers to the rhythm of the poem. The poem “Oar” was written by Irish Poet Moya Cannon who has been a long cherished favourite writer.