Whale Dreaming

“Whale Dreaming”, 2011, mixed media 10 cm x 100 cm

The Whaler “Abram”

Last year I was approached by arctic historian Dr Rob David to make an art work based on the story of the Abram. Dr David has been writing a book with his colleague Dr Mike Winstanley on the history of the Abram.  The book ” The West Indies and the Arctic in the age of […]

“There is one with your name on it“

Detail from “There is one with your name on it “ 2010 ceramic wood and hand printing 15cm x 90 cm This work was made using type lettering in clay harpoons and driftwood.  The disc is a compass rose made by engraving then weathering copper. The work also contains tiny scrolls with whaling stories written […]

Leviathan 2009

Leviathan 2009  Relief Print and collograph on Japanese hand made paper  50cmx50cm

Birsay Whale Bone

Birsay Whale Bone  2010 Screen Print 70cmx50cm This is an image of a whale vertebrae from Birsay in Orkney.  It sits on a headland facing into the North Atlantic and I have visited it for 25 years.

Moth Works

Moth works – a series of studies of moths both realist and imaginary. Mixed media paintings and prints. This body of work will be on show at Spring Fling 2013. The painting below was completed in 2010 and was one of the first Moth studies. it is based on the Emperor Moth. Emperor Moth Study […]