The Whaler “Abram”

Last year I was approached by arctic historian Dr Rob David to make an art work based on the story of the Abram. Dr David has been writing a book with his colleague Dr Mike Winstanley on the history of the Abram.  The book ” The West Indies and the Arctic in the age of sail: The voyages of Abram (1806-62)” is due to be published in May 2013  She was built in Lancaster around 1806 and sailed to the West Indies before being converted to a whaling ship in Hull and sailing from Hull and Kirkcaldy to the Davies Strait.  After many adventures she became trapped in pack ice in the winter of 1862. My art work on the Abram will be on show in my studio at Spring Fling 2013.

Here is part of the art work in preparation – it is a hand made engraved and weathered copper compass rose.


compass rose for abram