Iona Artist Residency 2015

Time to go ………

My last week went by in a frenzy of glue and varnish as I made a series of collograph blocks (printing blocks made by collaging onto card. The blocks are varnished to make them watertight before being inked and wiped like an etching plates).  An idea or response to all the boats on the gravestones at […]

Storms, super tides and salty starlings

So this is my last week.  I feel very lucky to have been here for the highest tide for 18 and a half years, caused by a cycle of the moon ( a so -called super tide).  It also coincided with a proper force 10 + storm hitting the west of Scotland so the waves […]

The road less travelled

The second week of my residency  has been a mix of printing furiously to make a new edition and a big wander to the south end of the Island to visit St Columba’s bay – definitely the road less travelled!    My art work has been intensive at times over the last week.  Here is […]

Lost in the light on Iona

The weather has been gentle so far – no big storm but I am finding it very hard to draw here.  I look at the landscape, look down to make some marks on my paper and then look up again and the light has completely changed and everything looks different.  Not only that but my […]

Walk every day; draw every day; see what happens next …….

Below is my new home for the month of February 2015.    I am getting very excited and a wee bit worried.  I will be artist in residence on a creative retreat on the Island of Iona for the whole of February 2015.  The residency is provided  by Iona Hostel  Run by John MacLean […]